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Small Business Database

Our Small Business Contact Data is information that includes the contact details of small businesses Owner and employee. Such as their names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. It is a collection of essential leads that allows businesses to reach out to potential targeted customers, partners, or suppliers in order to establish connections, promote products or services, or conduct business transactions.


All records verified by 2+ sources. All mail addresses updated on a monthly basis. We guarantee a 99 percent delivery rate or “money” refund.

Top Level Marketing Database

Small business contact Leads is a valuable resource for businesses looking to expand their reach and connect with potential customers. Whether you are a good marketer, salesperson, or researcher, having access to a reliable database of business owners. Moreover, their contact information can greatly enhance your outreach efforts. In this article, UP2Date Database will explore what small business contact data is, how it can be used, and where to find the best data sources for small business contact leads.

Small Business Database
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Best Small Business Contact Data Lead Generation & Datasets

Information Included on the mailing Lists
Business Direct Mailing Lists
UP2Date Database offers Business Direct Marketing Email Lists that include the following business data:

Contact’s Person First & Last Name
Person Job Title
Business Name
Business Postal Mailing Address
Business Telephone Number

You can choose to add additional information, if needed such as :

Business URL / Website
Small Business
Home Office
Annual Sales Volume
Years in Business
Number of Employees
Location Type: Headquarter, Branch, Single
Public / Private Ownership
Franchise / Not a Franchise
Chain / Not a Chain
Email Address (where available)

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